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DOH CRFP Disqualification Communication Update

FYI for CRFP Applicants

The New York State DOH issued letters via e-mail on June 29 and 30 to a limited number of CRFP applicants stating that their applications were disqualified during DOH Stage 1 review because they were not Prequalified in Grants Gateway on the application due date. Grants Gateway is New York State’s online grant portal. We are aware that this issue is impacting organizations in PPSs across the state.

AHI was copied on NYS DOH e-mail sent to CRFP applicants participating in the AHI PPS. To date we are aware that nine applications, representing seven organizations within our PPS, are email recipients (portions of the form letter appear below, for your reference). We have reached out to the DSRIP Support Team and to NYS DOH, first to find out if all such letters have been sent, and/or if the review is still underway.

AHI was copied on the email communication but had no prior knowledge or direct contact from DOH regarding the CRFP disqualifications.

We STRONGLY recommend that all CRFP applicant organizations contact Grants Gateway to confirm, apply, and/or update, their organization’s status immediately. The DOH help desk number is 800-820-1890.

Grants Gateway link:

We will continue our attempts to obtain more information from the State, and will keep our partners informed.


Please contact Lynn Wadleigh, Chief Financial Officer, at [email protected].