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EASE Story – Jessica B.

Despite owning a logging business in Brant Lake, Jessica B. and her husband never had health insurance. With four young children, just the thought of a possible worksite accident began to weigh more and more heavily on their minds.

Jessica was hesitant to go through the health insurance enrollment process because she assumed it was going to be difficult. “I thought it would be drawn out, that we’d be missing documentation and would have to come back with more paperwork,” said Jessica. “I also thought we would have to pay some ungodly amount.”

When Jessica met with AHI certified navigator Janet L., she was pleasantly surprised by how smoothly the process unfolded. Describing the meeting with Janet as akin to sitting down with a best friend for help, Jessica reported the process was quite easy, that all her questions were answered and within a few days had health insurance coverage for her entire family.

“For us to have this (insurance), it’s a huge weight lifted off our shoulders,” declared Jessica. “The fact that we can get taken care of without anything to worry about is great.”