Volume to Value: Value-Based Payment Training Series

Health care delivery continues its transformation from fee for service to value-based payment (VBP), with an emphasis on quality outcomes. The state has outlined the goal that 80-90% of Medicaid Managed Care expenditures must be engaged in a Level 1 or above VBP contract by April 2020. To assist our partners in this transformation, we are collaborating with two bordering PPSs (Alliance for Better Health and Better Health for Northeast New York) to provide in-person training sessions through March 2020. The training sessions will include information on VBP basics, as well as detail related to contracting concepts, data needs, payment arrangements and more. Specialized breakouts will be available for different provider types – primary care, behavioral health, and community-based organizations.

Building a Foundation for Value-Based Payment – December 6, 2017

Volume to Value: Keys to Success in Value-Based Payment – March 21, 2018

Volume to Value: The Power of Data in Value-Based Payment – September 20, 2018

Volume to Value: Creative Funding Opportunities in Payment Arrangements – March 20, 2019

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