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Primary Care and Behavioral Health Service Integration (3.a.i)

Project Objective

Integration of behavioral health and primary care services to ensure coordination of care. Integration of behavioral health and primary care services can identify behavioral health needs early, ensure treatments for medical and behavioral health conditions are compatible and not counterproductive, and de-stigmatize treatment for behavioral health needs. Care for all conditions is delivered under one roof by known health care providers.

Project Details

The main objectives for this project are to:

  • Co-locate each service type.
  • Obtain NCQA 2014 Level 3 certification.
  • Have evidence-based standards for medication management.
  • Have evidence-based standards for care management.
  • Provide screenings (such as PHQ-2/PHQ-9) or perform SBIRT.
  • Execute “warm transfers” to a behavioral health provider when a patient screens positive.
  • Use an integrated EHR.

Patient Population

Primary care patients in need of behavioral health services (model 1) and behavioral health patients in need of primary care services (model 2).


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