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Health Coaches and Community Navigators

Support to lead a healthier life

Health Coaches and Community Navigators

Helping You Access Local Resources

Getting the support and resources needed for you and your family to be healthy can be overwhelming.  Did you know that there are people throughout our region whose job it is to help you navigate the process?  Titles can sometimes be different, but often these frontline community-based professionals act in one or both of the roles below:

Community Navigators know how to easily access important local resources.  They can help with connecting you to services and programs to make it easier for you and your family to stay healthy.  They live and work within the communities they serve and understand their unique needs.

Health Coaches work with you to set and reach goals related to your health and health care needs.  They can support you in making more informed choices and to feel more confident when speaking with your doctor or other providers.

Talk to your doctor, case manager, or another trusted service provider if you’d like support to improve your health or to find resources that can make it easier to live a healthy life.  You can also find contact information for community navigators and health coaches in our AHI PPS Community Connections Resource Guides.

Community Advisory Council

Your knowledge and voice matter
The AHI PPS Community Advisory Council is made up of community members who use their experience navigating the health care and social services systems in their communities to create solutions to common challenges.  They are advocates for themselves and their communities, and their ideas and feedback help to improve care and services in our region.

Community Advisory Council satellite groups currently operate in Plattsburgh, NY and Glens Falls, NY, and are vital to making sure the community member and patient perspective is heard.

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