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EASE Story – Leon R.

After being involved in a horrific motorcycle accident in 1989, Leon R. of Pottersville became limited in the types of jobs he could perform. Many of his subsequent jobs, including the past 10 years as a cab driver, didn’t provide health insurance.

“I used to go through the sliding fee program at Hudson Headwaters (Health Network) and that was great,” explained Leon, “and then one day they handed me a card for AHI.” Leon met with a certified navigator, qualified for four plans and selected the one that was right for him.

For the first time in 15 years, Leon had health insurance coverage. “Because I’m covered, I can go to the eye doctor, the dentist, get my prescriptions as I need them. I don’t have to worry anymore,” said an emotional Leon. “It’s a wonderful thing knowing that I can just go get anything I need taken care of and AHI is a big reason why.”