Adirondack Health Institute

2015 Summit Speaker Presentations

Title, Presenter, Presentation (PDF)

Morning Keynote, Jacob Reider\, MD, Health Information Technology the Rural Impact

Afternoon Keynote, Gloria Kupferman, Patient Centered Analytics

2:15 Breakout Session, Harold Freeman\, MD, Patient Navigation Origins

, Greg Owens and Wilma Alvarado-Little, How to Master Difficult Situations

, Deborah Lang\, MD, Community Based Palliative Care: What’s in it For You?

, Samantha Lupinetti, Population Health in Your Community

3:15 Breakout Session, Harold Freeman\, MD, Patient Navigation Evolution

, Greg Owens and Wilma Alvarado-Little, The Beauty of Dialogue for Effective Communication

, Kallanna Manjunath\, MD, Population Health: The Physician Perspective

, Joel Hornberger, Transformational Leadership in Health Care


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