2020 Conferences Recap

In 2020, we offered a new conference format with the AHI Leadership Summit joining forces with the state’s premier telehealth conference, brought to you by the North Country Telehealth Partnership (a collaboration of Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization and Adirondack Health Institute). The AHI Leadership Summit and North Country Telehealth Conference were held virtually this year over a two-week period.

Below please find conference agendas, webinar recordings and slide decks for each individual session, award winners, and past event sponsors.

AHI Leadership Summit Agenda

Monday, September 28

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Addressing and Overcoming Health Disparities in the LGBT+ Community

LGBT+ persons have reported lower levels of well-being in the areas of physical health, financial security, sense of purpose, community attachment, and social life. For so many, the COVID crisis has only added to the stress of daily living. Many LGBT+ persons do not seek the services they need due to negative past experiences with providers and agencies. In this presentation, the presenters will discuss the basis for LGBT+ health disparities and offer concrete actions any organization can implement to create a welcoming space for LGBT+ persons.


Rachel Marcey, Planned Parenthood of Greater NY

Rachel Marcey has worked in various roles for Planned Parenthood for seven years. She was the Family Planning Benefit Program Grant Coordinator for four years providing training/presentations to community agencies and professionals across a 28-county region. In 2019, Ms. Marcey became an Outreach and Engagement Manager under the LGBT grant through the AIDS Institute and continues to provide training/presentations across seven counties.

Sue Wendelgass, Planned Parenthood of Greater NY

Sue Wendelgass has worked in various roles for Planned Parenthood for 31 years. She has provided training/presentations to community agencies and professionals under a NYS grant across a 28-county region since 2005. For more than 10 years, Ms. Wendelgass has conducted new staff orientation within Planned Parenthood of Greater NY (PPGNY), formerly Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson (PPMH). She has helped educate and empower numerous women and families over the years through her work in adoption services. Ms. Wendelgass has been largely responsible for developing an “army” of insurance enrollers at PPGNY.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Putting DNA to Work for Patients: UVMHN Genomic Population Health Report

In November 2019, the UVM Health Network began offering “The Genomic DNA Test” to patients at no cost through selected primary care providers. This population health clinical gene panel test examines 147 genes for disorders where prospective knowledge of genetic risk provides avenues for preventative health interventions. Family members of those testing positive can get free testing too. The test also includes assessment of recessive carrier status for 301 genes. This endeavor is the product of more than a year of planning and collaboration with multiple departments, in collaboration with OneCareVT (ACO), and an outside testing company, Invitae. In this presentation, the presenter will describe the rationale for the test, its design and implementation, summarize results to date, and discuss system challenges and solutions.


Bob Wildin, MD, UVM Health Network

Bob Wildin, MD, is a Clinical and Laboratory Geneticist, and former Chief of the Genomic Healthcare Branch in the Division of Policy, Communications, and Education at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NIH). He received his Bachelor of Science degree at MIT, his MD at the University of California, San Francisco, and completed his residency and fellowship training at the University of Washington, Seattle. Dr. Wildin has served the field in many roles including researcher, laboratory director, residency director, solo practitioner in a very rural state, founder of three genetics clinics, software developer, educator, and policy and provider education program director. Dr. Wildin came to Vermont after meeting Dr. Debra Leonard, Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UVM, to provide support for the growing Genomic Medicine program in yet another role, as clinical program implementer.

Tuesday, September 29

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Engaging Community Partners for Whole-Person Care

This presentation will highlight all of the programs that have been implemented by the Baywood Center, a substance use disorder outpatient clinic, to help promote whole-person care. Initiatives to be discussed include a jail transition coordination program, a community health and wellness program, and an outreach treatment program.


Cassandra Becker, Uplift Warren Washington 

Cassandra Becker has worked in the human service field for many years. Her entrepreneurial spirit has enticed her to tackle new, innovative projects. She is currently the Project Manager for the Uplift Warren Washington program. Uplift provides transportation for non-medical appointments and social needs. Ms. Becker developed this program from the ground floor up. Since its inception on May 30, 2019, more than 2,000 vouchers have been distributed to those in need.

Jacqueline Foster, 820 River St. Inc., The Baywood Center 

Jacqueline Foster has been working in the substance use disorder field for the last 11 years. In those 11 years, she has held both clinical and administrative positions. Ms. Foster has worked with community partners to help break down barriers and provide innovative programs for patients who deal with substance use disorder and mental illness.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Partnering with the EMS World to Improve Health Outcomes

The role of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) continues to expand and evolve. Community Paramedicine programs and alternate delivery of EMS services are growing in the state and regionwide. In this presentation, the presenter will look at various types of programs that exist and discuss ways in which health care systems, community-based organizations, and EMS can partner to improve the community’s overall health


Mark Spiezio, Cambridge Valley Rescue Squad

Mark Spiezio has just entered his 32nd year in EMS, serving 29 of them as the Chief of Operations of the Cambridge Valley Rescue Squad. He is also one of the founders and the Director of the Mobile Health Care System which oversees the first Community Paramedic program in New York. Mr. Spiezio is currently on staff at Hudson Valley Community College and Mountain Lakes Regional EMS.

Wednesday, September 30

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Rural Health Champions Award Ceremony

Honoring 2020 Rural Health Champions.


  • Angela Bashaw, UVMHN - Alice Hyde Medical Center

  • Marco DiGirolomo, Senior Planet/Older Adults Technology Services

  • Jacqueline Foster, 820 River St., Inc., The Baywood Center

  • Rebecca Leahy, North Country Home Services

  • Dr. Erica Mahoney, Hamilton County Public Health

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Telehealth: It’s Not the Tech, It’s the Touch

We hypothesize that to take better care of people, we should increase the number and value of care touches to the individual, creating an "envelope of care." This is a cohesive system that nurtures, protects, heals, manages, and educates the patient and engages them in their own care. It’s provided by professionals who look at patient needs in a comprehensive and coordinated way. The presenters will describe the guiding principles Long Island Select Healthcare (LISH) is following to create this envelope, building a multi-disciplined care team using a variety of modalities to provide personalized, meaningful care touches that improve patients’ clinical, social, financial, and mental health outcomes while reducing the total cost of care.


Dixie Comeau, Telehealth Associates

Dixie Comeau is principal consultant at Telehealth Associates, Inc., a certified NY and NYS woman-owned business providing telehealth implementation services to community health centers, hospitals and practices. She brings expertise in communications, process, and change management to telehealth projects and programs.

James Powell, MD, Long Island Select Healthcare

James Powell, MD, a board-certified Internist, is CEO and CMO of Long Island Select Healthcare (LISH), a Federally-Qualified Health Center in New York. LISH’s 70+ providers deliver medical, dental, behavioral and habilitative care, in-clinic and via telehealth. Dr. Powell is also Medical Director of the Developmental Disabilities Institute and United Cerebral Palsy of Suffolk County and a clinical instructor at Stony Brook University School of Medicine.

Thursday, October 1

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Law Enforcement Mental Health Referral System

Since August 2018, law enforcement agencies in Essex County, including the New York State Police, have been able to make online referrals for behavioral health conditions directly from their patrol cars. Some 160 referrals have been made to date and there is an exciting possibility to expand the program to Clinton, Franklin, and St. Lawrence counties. Learn how the Law Enforcement Mental Health Referral System (LEMHRS) works and the opportunities it could provide for your agency.


Douglas Meyer, Mental Health Association in Essex County

Douglas Meyer is Director of Services at the Mental Health Association in Essex County, Inc., where he has been employed since 2008. He is also a Residence Counselor at Lakeside House, an OMH-licensed community residence in Saranac Lake. Mr. Meyer retired from the Morris County Probation Department in New Jersey as a Senior Probation Officer and has worked as special consultant to the New Jersey Bureau of Parole.

Terri Morse, Essex County Mental Health

Terri Morse started her career in mental health and substance abuse treatment in 2008, after serving time in the business sector. She has been the Director of Essex County Community Services since 2017. Ms. Morse has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Master's degree in Administration and Leadership from SUNY Plattsburgh, and a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Union Institute and University. Strengthening the functioning of Essex County residents is her vision and serving the community is her passion.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Meeting the Connectivity Challenge in Today’s Digital Health Care Environment

The growing reliance on mobile cloud-based technology and telemedicine in rural areas means accessing data in real time to optimize patient care. This requires an IT infrastructure that will deliver high performance and reliability, especially in times of high demand. Technology impacts how health care professionals provide care to patients and collaborate with colleagues. Harnessing technology to benefit patient care begins with voice, data, unified communications, and cloud solutions that support industry leading care and ever-changing regulatory requirements.


Jill Van Hoesen, Westelcom

Jill Van Hoesen is the Information Security Officer and Director of Business Development for Westelcom, responsible for the management of a comprehensive cybersecurity program and the augmentation of current and development of new service and product offerings. Previously, Ms. Van Hoesen was the CIO for the Johnson Newspaper Corp. and Biz Tech Byte columnist for NNY Business Magazine. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science, and HIPAA Security and Awareness for Business Associates certifications.

Friday, October 2

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

The Expansion of Telehealth During the Transition to the “New Normal” of Health Care: A Collaborative Effort to Enhance Care During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked innovations to meet the needs of patients in the home environment. One such innovative practice was a collaboration between HCR Home Care and Hudson Headwaters Health Network (HHHN) where HCR clinicians assisted their patients with remote connections to their primary care provider. HHHN has significantly increased their use of tele-visits, conducting 13,582* since the beginning of the pandemic. More than 100* visits have been facilitated through the combined efforts of HHHN and HCR Home Care to reach patients identified as having challenges connecting via video independently (*data collection continues and will be updated prior to summit presentation).


Paul Hamilton, HCR Home Care

Paul Hamilton is a Care Transition Manager and Community Liaison for HCR Home Care. He holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Biochemistry and Nursing from SUNY Plattsburgh. Mr. Hamilton worked as a research scientist for Wyeth Pharmaceutical and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for seven years and then spent the next 12 years in nursing and leadership roles following his passion for helping patients in need.

Mark Hasselwander, Hudson Headwaters Health Network

Mark Hasselwander is a Regional Practice Leader for Hudson Headwaters Health Network. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, and an MBA from the University of Rochester Simon School of Business. Mr. Hasselwander has 30 years of experience in business leadership and has worked in the health care sector for the past eight years.

North Country Telehealth Conference Agenda

Monday, September 21

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Implementation of a Telephonic-Based Model to Continue to Address Substance Use as Part of Usual Care

Well before the national crisis of COVID-19 debilitated our country, Northwell Health dealt with the substance use crisis – a crisis that persists during the pandemic and symbolizes a devastating factor affecting our communities at large. Learn how the health system navigated the backdrop of social distancing, staffing restrictions, telehealth over-utilization, and employee/patient safety to implement a telephonic-based program, maintaining best practices for addressing substance use as part of usual care in emergency, ambulatory, and inpatient settings at 18 hospitals.


Sandeep Kapoor, MD, Northwell Health

Sandeep Kapoor, MD, is an Assistant Professor of Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Science Education at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell, Assistant Vice President of Addiction Services for the Northwell Health Emergency Medicine Service Line, and Director of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) at Northwell Health.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Compliance with Part 2 Regulations in Telemedicine

During the COVID-19 pandemic, substance abuse providers turned to telemedicine to provide needed services to their patients. However, substance abuse providers were still subject to federal confidentiality regulations, known as the Part 2 Regulations. In light of the change in practice, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration issued clarifying guidance on how to comply with these regulations but left it to providers to determine when a bona fide emergency had occurred. During this presentation, the presenter will explain special considerations in complying with the Part 2 Regulations when practicing telemedicine, including an exploration of the exceptions to the regulations.


Cassandra DiNova, Esq., Rivkin Radler, LLP

Cassandra DiNova, Esq., is an associate attorney at Rivkin Radler, LLP in the Health Services Practice Group. She provides transactional services to corporate health entities. Prior to joining Rivkin, Ms. DiNova completed a two-year Clinical Ethics Fellowship at Albany Medical Center.

Tuesday, September 22

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Hybrid Care Delivery: The Best of Both Worlds

In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, many health care organizations quickly launched telemedicine with little planning or experience. As social distancing regulations are being lifted, many organizations find themselves confronted with a new normal where many patients expect the convenience of virtual care, while some patients and their conditions require the delivery of in-person care. Join us for this session to learn how to optimize your telemedicine services and integrate them with your in-person services in a post-distancing world.


Christian Milaster, Ingenium Digital Health Advisors

Christian Milaster optimizes Telehealth Services for health systems and physician practices as Interim Telehealth Program Director. Mr. Milaster is the Founder and President of Ingenium Digital Health Advisors, where he and his expert consortium partner with health care leaders to enable the delivery of extraordinary care. Born, raised and educated in Germany as an engineer, Mr. Milaster worked for IBM and the Mayo Clinic before launching his consultancy in 2012.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

The Silver Lining? How COVID Has Removed Barriers to Telehealth and How Virtual Care Will Play a Major Role in Our New Normal

COVID-19 forced the health care industry to undergo five to six years of transformation in a matter of weeks—and telemedicine was no exception. Telemedicine usage by MVP Health Care’s members increased dramatically because of the pandemic, but offering the service was not new for the insurer. In this session, we will discuss MVP’s successful implementation of telemedicine before the pandemic, its drastically-increased adoption due to COVID, and what patients, providers, and other payers can expect from telemedicine in a ‘new normal’ environment.


Andrew Spadoni, MVP Health Care

Andrew Spadoni is the Leader of Market Innovation and Ancillary Products for MVP Health Care. In this role, he oversees product strategy, implementation, and oversight for MVP Health Care’s telemedicine programs, including the direct-to-consumer apps myVisitNow and myERnow. He also leads MVP’s Diversified Services product strategy, including HRA, HSA, FSA, and COBRA. Mr. Spadoni resides in Rochester, NY, and is a graduate of St. Lawrence University.

Wednesday, September 23

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Telehealth Innovators Award Ceremony

Honoring 2020 Telehealth Innovators.


  • Planned Parenthood of Greater New York Telehealth Team
  • Neha Golwala, Adirondack Physical Therapy and Fitness
  • Tiffany King and Darcy Fournier, UVMHN - Alice Hyde Medical Center
  • Dr. Brett Nelson, Four Winds Hospitals
  • Frederick Jones, Four Winds Hospitals
  • Sheena Smith, St. Lawrence County Community Services


  • Linda Spokane, Hudson Headwaters Health Network

  • Traci Ploufe, Mental Health Association of Essex County

  • Dr. Dragos Banu, UVMHN - Alice Hyde Medical Center

  • Kimberly Coolidge, UVMHN - Elizabethtown Community Hospital

  • Steve Koop-Angelicola, Essex County Health Department, Home Health Unit

  • Christopher Del Vecchio, MVP Health Care

  • Dr. John Bennett, CDPHP

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

New York State Telehealth Updates (DOH/OMH/OASAS)

This session will bring together key decision makers from three New York State government agencies—the Department of Health (DOH), the Office of Mental Health (OMH), and the Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS). Panelists will discuss current telehealth regulations and how all three agencies are working together to expand them to make reimbursement and access to care easier for practices and patients around the state in a post-COVID setting.


Amy Smith, NYS Office of Mental Health

Amy Smith has worked at the NYS Office of Mental Health since January 2015. She works within the Bureau of Inspection and Certification and her primary role is telemental health. This involves helping to amend regulations, develop guidance, and working with both local and state providers. Prior to her time with the Office of Mental Health, Ms. Smith was a psychiatric social worker with Columbia County Mental Health Center for fourteen years. She has a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from Fordham University.

Christopher Smith, NYS Office of Mental Health

Megan Prokorym, NYS Department of Health

Megan Prokorym serves as the telehealth lead for the NYS Department of Health's Office of Primary Care and Health Systems Management and Program Manager for the State Health Innovation Models-funded Project ECHO grant. Additionally, she serves as Grants Coordinator for Statewide Health Care Facility Transformation Programs.

Carmelita Cruz, NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports

Carmelita Cruz joined the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services in 2016 as a Senior Attorney. She works primarily on issues impacting women, children, and LGBTQ+ communities, as well as special projects, such as the Centers of Treatment Innovation (COTI) and Open Access Centers (OAC). Ms. Cruz previously worked as the Director of Advocacy for Housing Works Inc., and is a graduate of New York Law School.

Ronald Bass, NYS Department of Health – Division of Program Development and Management, Bureau of Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Policy

Kendra Muckle, NYS Department of Health – Division of Program Development and Management, Bureau of Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Policy

Thursday, September 24

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Using Human-Centered Design to Build Sustainable Telehealth Services

This presentation will illustrate how the University of Vermont Health Network is using Human-Centered Design (HCD) concepts to assess, modify, and design sustainable programs for telehealth services. Using the premise that user experience matters, the presenters will show how they are using stakeholder feedback to transition their programs to a sustainable path to provide care to patients


Todd Young, UVM Health Network

Todd Young is the Network Director of Telehealth Services at UVM Health Network overseeing the strategy, development, and management of telehealth services at UVM Medical Center and its network affiliates. Mr. Young started this role in June 2017. Prior to his role at UVM Health Network, Mr. Young was a Senior Director in Cerner’s Population Health Business Unit overseeing business operations for patient engagement and employee wellness solutions which included the development of telehealth solutions for consumers. He was also the Chief Operating Officer of PureWellness, a leading provider of employee wellness solutions and a cloud-based platform, which was acquired by Cerner. Mr. Young has also served in executive positions at Allscripts and IDX Systems with extensive experience in electronic health records and patient accounting solutions.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

How to Optimize Telehealth in a Post-COVID-19 World

During the COVID-19 crisis, telepsychiatry has emerged as a powerful tool for increasing access to care. In this vein, both the federal government and New York State have swiftly implemented regulatory changes to meet urgent needs during this public health crisis. In this presentation, Genoa Telepsychiatry Senior Clinic Partnerships Manager David Theobald will discuss the evolving clinical practices and regulatory policies in New York state during COVID-19 and beyond.


Jeremy Beaudry

Jeremy Beaudry is Lead Healthcare Experience Designer at hiCOlab, a design and innovation lab embedded in The University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington. Before joining UVMMC, he was a professor of design and director of the Design for Social Impact master’s program at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His research and design practice focuses on creating collaborative tools and methods with individuals, communities, and organizations in the service of systems-wide change and innovation efforts. Mr. Beaudry publishes, publicly presents, and leads workshops on the power of human-centered design to transform organizations and systems from the inside out. After helping a close family member navigate a serious illness, he was drawn into the complexity of health care as a space to use his experience and skills as a designer to create more humane health care experiences and systems.

David Theobald, Genoa Telepsychiatry

David Theobald is a longtime mental health advocate, family member, and business entrepreneur. As Senior Telepsychiatry Partnerships Manager for Genoa Healthcare, he leads the company’s telepsychiatry sales and operations divisions in the Northeast and West Coast regions of the U.S. He also serves on the board of two of New York City’s most established social service agencies, Rising Ground and Service Program for Older People.

Friday, September 25

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM


RNs in a Virtual World – Creating Value, Achieving High Quality, and Lowering Costs

The acceleration of the migration to telehealth has left many leaders wondering how to restructure medical practice staff while achieving similar or improved performance in the clinic setting. While the scope of practice and roles and responsibilities of a Registered Nurse (RN) are clearly defined and understood in the inpatient setting, the same concepts are less understood in the outpatient setting. During this session, a case study from 2018 highlighting the value RNs bring to all will be reviewed.


Kathryn Murdock, Progressive Primary Care

Kathryn Murdock is a board-certified RN Executive (ANCC), and certified Medical Practice Expert (MGMA). She is an alumnus of Norwich University and Hartwick College, member of Phi Alpha Alpha honor society, and a native of the Central NY region. With 20 years of progressive experience in health care and nursing across various territories and fields, Ms. Murdock focuses on creating practical integrated solutions that create value while meeting the triple aim of health care.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Hot Topic Sessions – 15-minute Sessions on Specialties in the Telehealth Field

Emergence of Teledentistry During COVID-19  


Howard Reis, The Teledentists

Howard Reis has 30 years of telehealth/telemedicine experience dating back to his role as Project Manager for Nynex Corp. in a telemedicine trial with four Boston teaching hospitals in the early 1990s. He helped two separate teleradiology companies achieve the status of Inc. 5,000 fastest growing private companies (three times each). Mr. Reis joined The Teledentists as CEO in May 2019.

Utilization of Telehealth in Maternal Child Health Case Study  


Sigi Marmorstein, BabyLiveAdvice

Sigi Marmorstein is a hardworking nurse leader, educator and innovator. She is also a telehealth consultant with more than 65 successful telehealth implementation projects under her belt. Her role as a telehealth consultant is a culmination of a 20-year career in health care spanning employers such as Davita, Kaiser Permanente, USC, Adventist Health, and West Coast. She has backgrounds as a manager, project manager, business owner, and has also spent time in academia.

Expansion of Telehealth PT During the Transition to a New Normal  


Neha Golwala, DPT, CKTP, Cert. MDT, Adirondack Physical Therapy and Fitness

Neha Golwala, DPT, CKTP, Cert. MDT, is a Physical Therapist working for Adirondack Physical Therapy and Fitness, PLLC, an outpatient facility in upstate NY. Ms. Golwala has more than 10 years of experience in the health care industry. She has developed a variety of innovative telehealth techniques to help her patients since the pandemic, including participating in virtual physical therapy research based on patient outcomes.


Telehealth Innovator Awards

Six Telehealth Innovator awardees were recognized for their exceptional telehealth work across the North Country Telehealth Partnership (NCTP) catchment area which includes Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Jefferson, Lewis, Saratoga, St. Lawrence, Warren, and Washington counties. The awardees listed below were recognized during the week of the North Country Telehealth Conference.


Planned Parenthood of Greater NY Telehealth Team
Neha Golwala, Adirondack Physical Therapy
Tiffany King and Darcy Fournier, UVMHN – Alice Hyde Medical Center
Dr. Brett Nelson, Four Winds Hospitals
Sheena Smith, St. Lawrence County Community Services

Honorable Mentions

Linda Spokane, Hudson Headwaters Health Network
Traci Ploufe, Mental Health Association of Essex County
Dr. Dragos Banu, UVMHN – Alice Hyde Medical Center
Kimberly Coolidge, UVMHN – Elizabethtown Community Hospital
Steve Koop-Angelicola, Essex County Health Department, Home Health Unit
Christopher Del Vecchio, MVP Health Care
Dr. John Bennett, CDPHP

Rural Health Champion Awards

Five Rural Health Champions were recognized for their demonstrated leadership and exceptional dedication to community members within the Adirondack Rural Health Network (ARHN) network which includes Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Warren, and Washington counties. The Rural Health Champions listed below were recognized the week of the AHI Leadership Summit.


Angela Bashaw, UVMHN – Alice Hyde Medical Center
Marco DiGirolomo, Senior Planet/Older Adults Technology Services
Jacqueline Foster, 820 River St., Inc., The Baywood Center
Rebecca Leahy, North Country Home Services
Dr. Erica Mahoney, Hamilton County Public Health


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