Adirondack Health Institute

Building a Healthier Future For the Adirondack Region

Who We Are

Adirondack Health Institute is a team of mission-driven professionals partnering with regional health care providers and community-based organizations to improve health care, lower costs and realize a healthier future for the Adirondack region.

We do this in three ways:

  1. Promote population health best practices and implementation strategies;
  2. Manage programs that fund health advancement; and
  3. Ensure individuals have access to care.


AHI has been carefully constructed on a broad foundation of professional and community support so there is nearly continuous interaction with a wide array of stakeholders. We work with more than 125 organizations representing a broad range of health, community, and business sectors. The common thread across our programs is an emphasis on access to high-quality, well-coordinated, cost-effective care.

AHI: Lead, Empower, Innovate

Our motto at AHI is “Lead, Empower, Innovate.” Our success and sustainability are contingent on the strength of relationships with diverse stakeholders, as well as the capacity to effectively and efficiently communicate and collaborate regionally.

Initiatives, including the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program and Population Health Improvement Program (PHIP), contribute to AHI’s expansion and our role as a leader and innovator for change in our communities.

Our programs include:

AHI Programs
The AHI Informer

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