Adirondack Health Institute

AHI Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles

AHI Vision

Every individual in our region reaches their full potential and lives a healthy life.

AHI Mission

To lead and work collaboratively with community partners on innovative initiatives that advance quality, improve access and affordability, and transform health care delivery in the Adirondack region.

AHI Guiding Principles

  • We will create a national model for a high-quality, efficient, low-cost, integrated delivery system.
  • We will make all decisions based on what will empower the community members we serve to reach their full potential and live a healthy life.
  • We will proactively cultivate an optimistic organizational culture that motivates internal staff and is embraced by external stakeholders.
  • We will appreciate and respect our partners and work with them to bring about the best possible solutions for those we serve. No one will be excluded from meaningful discussion based on past history.
  • We will back one another and share information freely.
  • We will create a trusting environment that fosters innovation.
  • We will plan ahead and meet timelines.
  • We will anticipate problems and intervene to resolve them.
  • We will engage emotionally with our work and produce meaningful results.
  • We will grow and evolve to meet health care challenges.
  • We will be trusted leaders for innovative health care solutions, decision support and community engagement.
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