Who We Work With

Realizing a healthier future together

We partner with community organizations, health care organizations, providers, businesses, payors, and county and state agencies, to name a few. Our common goals are to improve care, increase access and lower costs for our region. Last year we worked with nearly 200 committee members from more than 120 organizations representing a broad range of health, community, and business sectors.

Health Care Professionals

Health care professionals coordinate, implement and deliver key services to our region. They serve on AHI’s committees, board, work groups, and leadership council and champion health care initiatives that build a healthier future for our region.

Community Organizations

Community-based organizations serve as the hubs of our communities. These organizations are instrumental to our success as we collaborate to improve access to high-quality, well-coordinated, cost-effective care for our region.


Payors play multiple roles ranging from representation in our governance, contributing claims data for analysis and paying negotiated rates over and above fee-for-service payments in order to help preserve the primary care safety net across our region.

Government Organizations

Government organizations are our primary source of funding. They award and administer grants, programs and initiatives.


A strongly-supported workforce is critical to health care access and economic development in under-served communities. We provide health care workforce recruitment, training and support for prospective and current workforce members, made possible through our AHI Performing Provider System (PPS) Workforce Committee.


With grant funding to support of our educational and information sharing efforts, professional associations are an important resource for AHI.


The consumers in our region are individuals, families and business owners. We partner with regional health care providers and community-based organizations to offer programs and services to support our consumers. Our goal is to improve health, provide a better health care experience, and lower costs for the people in our region.
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