AHI PPS Earns 99% Achievement Value Score

The NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH) has awarded the AHI Performing Provider System (PPS) a 99% Achievement Value (AV) Score for the most recent reporting period. This score means the PPS has earned more than $5.5 million for our nine-county region for the quarter ending March 2016. The PPS closed out the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program’s Year 1 with a near perfect performance having earned 100% Achievement Value in DSRIP Quarters 2 and 3 for total earnings of $28.1 million dollars of a possible $28.2 million dollars.  “We are pleased with our performance and to be in the top half of PPSs statewide is an example of what can be achieved through collaboration with more than 100 organizations,” said Margaret Vosburgh, Chief Executive Officer, AHI.

AV Scorecard Background

The AHI PPS achieves payments from the NYSDOH on a performance basis. The funds are paid to the PPS upon demonstration of meeting reporting and performance objectives. Achievement Values (AV) are based on completion of important milestones and metrics in the organization’s implementation plan.  Each of the 25 PPSs in New York can earn a defined number of achievement values. The AV Scorecard is an indication of how many Achievement Values the PPS has earned as compared to the number available. The AHI PPS earned 171 of 173 possible AVs for the period, which equals a 99% scorecard.

DSRIP Background

DSRIP is funded by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Up to $6.42 billion dollars has been allocated to New York State with payouts based on achieving predefined results in system transformation, clinical management and population health.

DSRIP is the main mechanism by which the New York State Department of Health will implement Medicaid redesign. DSRIP´s purpose is to fundamentally restructure the health care delivery system by reinvesting in the Medicaid program, with the primary goal of reducing avoidable hospital use by 25% over 5 years. DSRIP aligns with the state’s Triple Aim: improve access to care, improve quality of care, and reduce costs.

The AHI PPS spans nearly 11,000 square miles in the northern New York/Adirondack region, serving nine counties: all of Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton, Warren, and Washington, and portions of Fulton, Saratoga and St. Lawrence counties.

AHI PPS DSRIP partner organizations include hospitals, primary care providers, mental health and substance abuse treatment providers, skilled nursing facilities, and others. The project will also address social factors that impact health, requiring engagement and collaboration with many stakeholders, including community-based organizations from an array of diverse sectors.

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NYS DOH Achievement Value description:  Achievement Value Guide for Performing Provider Systems, January 29, 2016.

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