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AHI PPS Innovation Fund Round IV

The fourth round of innovation funding is now open for AHI PPS partners. Approximately $1.7 million is available to applicants this round. Applications must be submitted no later than close of business on January 11, 2019, in order to be considered for this round of funding.

Multi-partner applications are again required for this round of funding and the lead applicant must be a safety-net provider. If you have questions regarding an organization’s safety-net status, please send an email to [email protected].

Click these links to view the scoring template and instructions and scoring matrix/rubric documents that will be used to rate applications.

Applications will only be accepted electronically through this web page. Click on the “Start Application” button to the right to begin completing your application. Please note there are character limit counts for certain application answers. In addition to entering project information, you will also be asked to upload project budget information using this budget workbook.


DSRIP Innovation Fund Round IV

Frequently Asked Questions: 

(You can download all FAQs here)

Q. What types of projects will receive funding preference?

A. Each application will be judged on its individual merit. To foster increased partner collaboration, submitted projects must involve multiple partners. Projects must have a strong alignment with pay-for-performance metrics, but given the late timeframe of MY5, projects should focus on filling existing gaps and result in value-based payment (VBP) readiness. Preference will be given to projects deemed to have a greater chance of success and a positive, far-reaching impact. Innovation, collaboration, replicability, and sustainability through 2020 and beyond are key components to be considered.

Q. What is required of participating partner organizations?

A. The lead project applicant must be an AHI PPS partner and safety-net provider. Other participating organizations do not need to be an AHI PPS partner nor safety-net provider. Funds may or may not flow directly to each of these partners, but direct involvement is required. Each participating organization must submit a letter of commitment, clearly identifying their specific role in project work plan activities. Vendors may be included in your proposal, however, they will not be counted as a program partner.

Q. How do I submit an application?

A. Applications are only being accepted electronically via the application form that appears on this web page.

Q. When is the application deadline?
A. Applications will be accepted through close of business, January 11, 2019.
Q. What’s the process and timeframe for selecting award recipients?

A. All received applications will first be reviewed by AHI. Those approved by AHI will then be sent to Population Health Network (PHN) triad leaders for review. Those approved by the triad leaders will then be sent to a sub-committee of the AHI PPS Steering Committee for a final decision. The AHI PPS plans to expedite the approval process so partners receiving funds can begin working on their projects at the earliest possible time, allowing for a more immediate pay-for-performance impact.

The application review scoring template and instructions and a weighted scoring matrix/rubric are available on the AHI website. The following categories will be used to rate applications:

  • Number of participating partner organizations;
  • Partner roles defined;
  • Support of pay-for-performance and/or value-based payment efforts in DSRIP Years 4-5 and beyond;
  • Project plan progress tracking method;
  • Sustainability plan;
  • The ability for other partners to replicate the program or replication of an existing/current project;
  • Description of an outcome measurement plan;
  • Project’s ability to transform the health care system serving the Medicaid population;
  • Budget overview and grid.
Q. How much funding is available this cycle?
A. We anticipate approximately $1.7 million being available to fund innovation grants during this RFP cycle.
Q. How long is this funding cycle?
A. The funding cycle is based on a project completion date of December 31, 2019.
Q. How can I confirm that the lead applicant is identified as a safety-net provider in the PPS?

A. The best way to confirm if the lead applicant is a safety-net provider within the PPS is to contact your AHI Executive Director, or by sending an email to [email protected]

Q. If we submitted an application during the first, second, and/or third round of funding for a project that was not funded, may we apply again for the same project and, if so, do we have to resubmit our paperwork?
A. Yes, you may apply again. Yes, you will have to submit new paperwork.
Q. If we submitted an application during the first, second, and/or third round that received funding, are we allowed to submit a proposal for the fourth round?
A. Yes, you can apply for additional funding related to a project for which you previously received an award, or for a different project.
Q. If we have applied for or have received funding from a different source for a particular project, are we allowed to submit an application to you for funding the same project?

A. You are allowed to submit a proposal for the same project, however, our award decision will be predicated on your organization using our funds to supplement pieces of the project not covered by the other award.

Q. Is there a maximum amount of funding for which we can apply?
A. Your funding request should not exceed $250,000
Q. Are we allowed to use the services of an outside grant writer to write our application?
A. Yes, but that expense would have to be paid for by the submitting applicant(s).
Q. Are there exclusions regarding the types of projects for which we can apply?
A. Yes. You have a myriad of options on how funds may be used, however they may not be used for major capital investments, to support lobbying or political activities, to establish or continue Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) participation and/or connection, or for services that are eligible for reimbursement.
Q. What happens if my project is not selected for funding?
A. The AHI PPS will work with you to determine if other funding sources and/or support resources may be available for your project.

Please make sure to complete the required budget workbook template.

Download the budget workbook template here.

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