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Patient Activation Initiatives (2.d.i)

Patient Activation Initiatives (2.d.i)

Patient Activation initiatives connect individuals who are uninsured, or who receive Medicaid but are under-utilizing primary and preventative care, to community-based services while seeking to empower them to take an active role in managing their health and health care. Patient Activation activities include administration of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM®) survey tool, Coaching for Activation (CFA®)/Health Coaching, and Community Navigation.

Patient Activation initiatives work to increase a person’s knowledge, skills, and confidence when managing their health and health care, improve access to health care and community resources, and build partnerships between health care providers and community-based organizations.

PAM® (Patient Activation Measure) Survey

The PAM® survey is a scientifically-validated tool for measuring a person’s level of activation as it relates to their health and health care. PAM® survey results help providers tailor their interactions and interventions to meet a person’s individual needs. PAM® survey results can be predictive of relevant health care outcomes, such as costs, hospital readmissions, and  use of primary and preventative care services. The PAM® survey acts a point of intake to begin the process of connecting community members to care and services that promote health and wellness.

Coaching for Activation (CFA®)/Health Coaching and Community Navigation

Throughout AHI’s nine-county service area (Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Saratoga, St. Lawrence, Warren and Washington), AHI PPS partner organizations employ individuals undertaking Coaching for Activation (CFA®), Health Coaching, and Community Navigation activities. CFA®, a companion program aligned with the PAM® survey, is a framework health care and human service staff can use when helping community members work on health-related goals of their choosing. Often, other Health Coaching frameworks are used in conjunction with CFA® resources. Community Navigation is a form of care coordination that focuses on linking community members not only to health care services, but also to community-based resources that can help them address social factors that influence health. These social factors, also called social determinants of health, include housing, transportation, education, income, availability of food, health behaviors, and social supports.


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