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It’s Time to Get Fit!

Finding time to exercise can seem impossible. But increasing your daily physical activity is not as hard as you think!

Even small increments of exercise can help to strengthen your heart, increase flexibility, fight obesity and reduce your risk of developing diabetes or high cholesterol. Make physical activity a practical part of your daily routine.

What can you do?


Move kids from playing in the virtual world to playing in the real world. Plan fun family activities such as hikes, bike rides or a game of football.


While sitting at your desk job, do leg stretches, arm reaches and even desk pushups — and get up once an hour for a short, brisk walk!


Add more physical activity to everyday activities by taking the stairs instead of the elevator; not using the drive-up window; taking the dog for a lengthy walk.


Further your progress by changing up the movements and intensity of your physical routine. Challenge yourself by adding strength training and endurance activities to your exercise program.


Get a fitness bracelet to track your success – and build upon it!


NOW is the TIME! You’ll feel better, you’ll look better, and your health will BE better.


To learn more about wellness resources in your community, click on the logo of your local public health department or hospital.


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