DSRIP Update

The NYS DSRIP Team sent the following update to PPS Leads on March 25:

“The NYS Legislature is working through the Budget process, and the implications of their decisions could impact valuation as additional funds are proposed in the Executive Budget. As such, we will be postponing the release of final valuation from March 27 to after the budget…Once we have those final valuation elements from the budget process and CMS, we will produce and share finalized DSRIP valuation.”

“Because of this delay in valuation, the NYS Department of Health is extending the deadline for submitting Implementation Plans to May 1st.”

What this means to our PPS:

  • We do not know the final potential value of our PPS Implementation Plan; we expect this information sometime in April.
  • The Implementation Plans that were due to DOH on April 1 are now due May 1.
  • Project team work plans are no longer due on April 22 to AHI.
    • AHI is currently recruiting for project managers, and project champions. Once these resources are in place, we will be better able to support PPS Project Teams and local teams in the development of work plans and finalization of budgets.
    • Heather Bradley is project manager for behavioral health – related projects; we expect the teams she supports will be the first ones to convene and submit work plans.

DSRIP Year Change: DOH will be changing the DSRIP Years to be consistent with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) fiscal calendar. Details are currently unavailable. We’ll post an update when further clarification is issued.

Thank you to all of our PPS members and teams for your hard work and flexibility in the frequently changing DSRIP landscape.

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