Health Home In-Depth Analysis Published

A recently published report on Medicaid Health Homes assesses the structure of Health Homes and implementation issues. The study, Evaluation of the Medicaid Health Home Option for Beneficiaries with Chronic Conditions: Annual Report – Year Three, focuses on the challenges Health Home providers have faced in implementing the model and their progress in the development of processes and tools to support the model.

The Health Home model is designed to target high-need, high-cost beneficiaries with chronic conditions or serious mental illness. Its emphasis is on whole-person care, encompassing the integration of physical and behavioral health care services, and care management extending beyond medical services to include nonclinical supports, such as connecting beneficiaries to transportation and housing.

While Health Home providers generally reported having opportunities for training, collaborative learning, technical assistance, and other support, many noted the lack of financial resources to fund practice transformation and HIT infrastructure improvements.

Despite these challenges, Health Home providers believe the model presents a better way of approaching care for their high-cost, high-need patients.

“The report echoed some of the early implementation challenges we faced,” said AHI Health Home Manager, Annette Parisi. “Fortunately, our success is rooted in our strong regional relationships and the excellent work and dedication of the care managers.”

This report was based on a study conducted in July 2015 by the Urban Institute and was delivered to share the first three years of findings of a five-year evaluation scheduled to conclude in October 2016. This report was published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation.

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