Health Information Technology Survey

Please prepare for and take the Health Information Technology (HIT) Survey to update information on AHI PPS partner technology capabilities.

Topics covered include electronic health record usage, connectivity with other organizations in sharing patient information, plans to manage population health, and ability to report on performance measures. Note: several questions include specifics such as vendor names, platforms, functionality, software versions, and more.   

Note: The PPS is required to collect this information in order to support appropriate and necessary planning processes.  The impact on partner resources is one of the reasons we circulated the proposed survey to the IT & DS Committee in advance for comment.  Part of what makes this planning such a challenge is the need to incorporate so many different sectors and provider types into an Integrated Delivery System.   Incomplete information could impact planning, budgeting and funds flow and, ultimately, the success of the PPS in accomplishing DSRIP goals.

1. Preparation – Download the PDF version

Please review the questions, and provide the survey preparer with answers in advance.

For organizations that are providers in multiple sectors (e.g. hospital, primary care, substance use, behavioral health, etc.) please be sure to complete a survey for each sector you represent. You will be able to take this survey more than once from the same device; however you need to have all of your answers before starting the survey.

2. Take the Survey Online

Once prepared with all the answers, please take the survey. Note: If you exit the survey before completing it your answers may not save.

Please respond

Conducting this assessment of all our Partners is a DSRIP requirement and we need every organization to respond, regardless of size.  The IT and Data Sharing Committee along with AHI PPS staff will analyze responses and identify how the PPS can assist you to meet technology needs.


Please submit questions to [email protected] with the subject line: “HIT Survey.”


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