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Community Assessment and Prevention

Population Health Improvement Program (PHIP)

It’s Time to Clear the Air in the North Country

The Population Health Improvement Program (PHIP) at AHI works with communities throughout the North Country region (Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton, Warren, and Washington counties) to identify, share, and help implement best practices and strategies to promote population health and reduce health disparities. PHIP is supported through a grant from the New York State Department of Health.

PHIP supports the New York State Prevention Agenda and promotes the Triple Aim – improve health, enhance quality, and reduce costs.


HealthyADK is an online resource that contains current regional, county-level, and zip code-level data on a multitude of measures and indicators related to health, education, environment, and the economy. The site offers information for use by multiple community sectors, including business, community development, government, educators, community-based organizations, health care professionals, and community members.

Current PHIP Regional Priorities

Tobacco Use Reduction

The North County Tobacco Use Reduction Task Force, consisting of representatives from more than 35 organizations, is working to reduce tobacco use in the North Country through community awareness and educational efforts. The Task Force’s initiative, It’s Time to Clear The Air In the North Country, raises awareness about the benefits of increasing the minimum legal sale age for all tobacco products from 18 to 21 to help protect the health of young people and improve the health of North Country communities.

Tobacco use remains the primary cause of preventable death in the nation and results in high rates of disease and premature death in the North Country. The adult cigarette smoking rate in the region significantly exceeds the New York State rate.

Obesity Reduction

Due to the prevalence of obesity among adults and youth in the North Country, the Population Health Improvement Program is organizing an obesity reduction initiative. PHIP’s Designing a Healthy Community initiative, works with a wide range of organizations and stakeholders throughout the North Country to explore how to build environments, policies, and programs that create opportunities for physical activity and increase access to healthy and affordable food for North Country residents.

Obesity is second only to tobacco use as the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. The rates of premature death (age 35 to 64 years) for obesity-related diseases in the North Country exceed the rates for all of New York State.

For more information about PHIP and current regional priorities, please contact [email protected]

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