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Hudson Headwaters Health Network National Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle coaching session.   Photo credit: Pepe Productions.

The statistics are startling. One in three Americans is pre-diabetic, which translates to more than 110,000,000 individuals affected. Alarmingly, more than 90 percent are unaware that they’re pre-diabetic. The good news is that diabetes is largely preventable.

With funding from the New York State Health Foundation (NYSHealth), AHI partnered with Adirondack Health, Hudson Headwaters Health Network, UVM Health Network – CVPH and Washington County Public Health to launch the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Registered nurse Greg Freeman is the UVM Health Network – CVPH National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) Director AND a participant in the program. After learning of his diabetes risk, Greg followed the NDPP recommendations and lost 81 lbs. Greg is an enthusiastic advocate of the program and one of the participants featured in the new AHI NDPP video showcasing how the program works.

Watch the videos

  • The new AHI NDPP video features interviews with a lifestyle coach and program participants explaining how lifestyle changes have made a difference.
  • Enrollees in NDPP can expect lifestyle coach support, which teaches how to make better food choices, encourages increased physical activity and importantly creates skills to maintain the newly-learned behaviors to continue to be successful.

Read Greg’s story

In an interview, Greg Freeman shares why he was successful with the NDPP program: Read the interview.

More Information

  • Join an existing NDPP program:
  • Learn about DSRIP projects related to our regional prevention agenda: DSRIP Projects 4.a.iii and 4.b.ii.


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