Timeline: PPS Capital Restructuring Financing Program (CRFP)

AHI North Country PPS Capital Restructuring Financing Program (CRFP) Timeline

12/12 AHI North Country PPS (AHINC PPS) Initial Capital Application (see below) distributed to all PPS partners
12/30 Initial Capital Application due from partners to AHI by 5 PM
12/31 AHI distributes Initial Capital Applications to the AHINC PPS Steering Committee and Finance Work Group
1/7 AHINC PPS Finance Work Group meeting, results of Initial Capital Applications financial review sent to Steering Committee
1/9 AHINC PPS Steering Committee meets to review and score Initial Capital Applications
1/13 AHINC PPS feedback sent to applicants
2/3 Full CRFP Applications due to AHINC PPS
2/6 AHI sends CRFP Applications to AHINC PPS Steering Committee
2/12 AHINC PPS Steering Committee meets to review CRFP Applications and rank for submission to Department of Health (DOH)
2/20 AHINC PPS submits ranked proposals to DOH


Please use the following three documents to develop and submit your application(s)

1.   AHINC PPS Initial Capital Application

2.   AHINC PPS CRFP Reviewer Criteria

3.   AHINC PPS Community Needs Assessment Summary



For each separate capital project, please fill out one Initial Capital Application form. For example, if an organization has multiple projects that are not directly related:

  1. A Medical Village project to reuse existing hospital space to create needed outpatient services
  2. A renovation of a satellite health center to expand access to primary care and integrate behavioral health
  3. A Health Information Technology project to link multiple providers together within an organization’s network to share patient information

The organization will submit three Initial Capital Applications so that the projects can be evaluated on individual merit.

Please be aware that there are likely far more capital needs than there are dollars available. This will be a very competitive process so be sure to put forward projects that are integral to achieving the AHINC PPS project goals and meet the DSRIP CRFP Eligible Capital Projects criteria.


 Please follow all directions on the form and return the completed form(s) to [email protected] by 5:00 on Tuesday, December 30, 2014.

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