What We Do

We work with our community to coordinate programs that improve health care quality, access, and service delivery in the North Country/Adirondack region.

We enjoy positive health trends in our region:

  • Outdoor air quality tends to be considerably better than the rest of the state;
  • Rates of newly diagnosed HIV cases are low;
  • Maternal and infant health indicators such as birth weight and breastfeeding meet or exceed benchmarks.

Regional Community Health Assessment Reports illustrate that the North Country faces exceptional challenges:

  • Low rates of college education;
  • Low household income;
  • High unemployment rates;
  • High disability rates;
  • High rates of poverty.

These social determinants affect health care:

  • Smoking and obesity rates are high;
  • Access to physicians and dentists is challenging;
  • Cancer is the leading cause of premature death;
  • Mental and substance abuse affects more than 30 percent of the Medicaid population.

How do we address these issues?

We take a regional approach:

  • Promote population health best practices and implementation strategies;
  • Manage programs that fund health advancement;
  • Ensure individuals have access to care.
  • Operate programs and initiatives designed to help communities make their neighborhoods healthy places to live and work.

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