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AHI Corporate Compliance

Our Corporate Compliance program’s mission is to assure that the service delivered to our stakeholders and the business conducted is done so honestly, ethically and in accordance with Federal and State law and regulations. We work to include in policies and procedures appropriate processes that will help ensure regular compliance with laws and regulations.

The AHI Notice of Privacy Practices outlines our obligations to protect stakeholder information.

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AHI Compliance Officer
100 Glen Street, Suite 1A;
Glens Falls, NY 12801
Or call the Anonymous Hotline at 518.480.0111 ext. 109.

The Compliance Officer will maintain this report in a confidential manner, which means that your identity will not be disclosed unless absolutely necessary. It is helpful if you allow this matter to be handled confidentially, rather than anonymously, so that the Compliance Officer can contact you with any questions. If you choose to remain anonymous, the Compliance Officer may not be able to further the investigation.

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