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What is Reality Check?

Reality Check of New York is a free youth-led, adult-supported program focused on those 13-18 years of age throughout New York State. For Saratoga, Warren, and Washington counties, this program is a component of Clear the Air in the Southern Adirondacks, an initiative of Adirondack Health Institute. Involved youth lead positive change in their communities through the education of business leaders, legislators, and other community representatives and entities. Major efforts focus on reducing tobacco marketing for teens, eliminating tobacco imagery in youth-rated movies, and helping shape the tobacco landscape for future generations.

The average age of a new smoker in New York State is just 13, and that isn’t by coincidence. Each day, the tobacco industry spends more than $1 million on marketing per HOUR, mainly targeted at youth. Bright colors, placement, and flavors lure young people to try these products, creating the next generation of replacement smokers. Reality Check works to expose these manipulative marketing tactics.

Involved youth:

  • Sharpen their communication and public speaking skills;
  • Learn event planning and management;
  • Create meaningful friendships;

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2018 Youth Summit


Legislative Education Day

  • Each year, youth from around New York State join forces to educate their legislators about the harms of tobacco use. Coming together for just one day in Albany, young Reality Check leaders have the opportunity to visit the New York State Capital while informing their local legislators on the toll of tobacco to help create statewide change. Education is the first step in change, so these meetings have the ability to shape the future of our state!
  • Video – coming soon!

Mobilize Against Tobacco Lies

  • Big Tobacco uses harmful lies and misconceptions to target and recruit new youth smokers each year. We’ve seen enough! In 2020, youth from around the country joined forces with Reality Check to expose these lies through community education via social media. Those involved also took part in other virtual activities, including speaking at the Altria shareholder’s meeting, where they had the opportunity to question their motives in promoting the popular vaping company Juul.
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