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AHI Health Home Care Management

AHI Health Home Care Management Partners

Program Goals

The AHI Health Home Care Management program’s goals are to:

  • Lower Medicaid costs;
  • Reduce preventable hospitalizations and emergency room visits; and
  • Improve patient outcomes.

In order to meet our goals, we offer Health Home Care Management to members using our robust network of care management agencies listed below:

Care Management Agency (CMA Name)Counties ServedSpecialtiesPopulation (Age)
AHI Community Access TeamWarren, Washington, and SaratogaBehavioral Health, Transition Care, HARPAdults
Alliance for Positive HealthClinton, Essex, Franklin, Saratoga, Warren, and WashingtonHIV/AIDS, HARPAdults
Behavioral Health Services NorthClintonFoster Care, Severe Emotional Disturbance, HARPAdults and Children
Capital District Psychiatric CenterEmbedded into GFHFormer OMH, Severe Emotional DisturbanceAdults and Children
Catholic Charities Care Coordination ServicesSaratogaBehavioral Health, Complex Medical Needs, Transition Care, HARPAdults
Citizen AdvocatesFranklin (+ parts of Clinton, Essex, and St. Lawrence)Severe Emotional Disturbance, HARPAdults and Children
Community Connections of Franklin CountyFranklinHCBS, HARP, Behavioral Health, Care TransitionsAdults
Community Maternity ServicesWarren and WashingtonBehavioral Health, Complex Medical Needs, Transition CareAdults
Essex County Mental Health ServicesEssexBehavioral Health, HARPAdults
Families First in Essex CountyEssexSevere Emotional DisturbanceChildren
Fort Hudson Care ManagementClinton, Essex, Hamilton, Saratoga, Warren, and WashingtonComplex Medical Needs, Behavioral Health, Transition CareAdults
Glens Falls HospitalWarren and WashingtonSevere Emotional Disturbance, Complex Medical Needs, HARPAdults and Children
Hamilton County Community ServicesHamiltonBehavioral HealthAdults
HCR Care Management LLCClinton, Essex, Warren, and WashingtonComplex Medical, Transition Care, HARPAdults
Hudson Headwaters Health NetworkClinton, Essex, Hamilton, Warren, and WashingtonComplex Medical, Primary Care, Transition CareAdults and Children
Mental Health Association in Essex CountyEssexBehavioral Health, HARPAdults
Salvation ArmySaratogaHARP, Behavioral Health, Care TransitionsAdults
St. Anne InstituteClinton, Warren, and WashingtonFoster Care, Severe Emotional Disturbance, Behavioral HealthChildren
St. Lawrence Psychiatric CenterEmbedded into BHSNFormer OMHAdults and Children
Transitional Services AssociationWarren and WashingtonAssisted Outpatient TreatmentAdults
United Helpers MosaicSt. LawrenceAssertive Community Treatment, HARPAdults and Children
UVMHN/Champlain Valley Health NetworkClinton, Essex, and FranklinComplex Medical NeedsAdults
Warren-Washington Association for Mental HealthWarren and WashingtonSevere Emotional Disturbance, HARPAdults and Children
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