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2019 Event Information

2019 AHI Leadership Summit Agenda
2019 AHI Leadership Summit Program


2019 Event Presentations

Keynote Address – Dr. Eugene Heslin
Bridging Treatment Gaps: Opiate Addiction in the ED – Dr. Timothy Brooks
Building, Measuring and Leading for Organizational Wellbeing and Resiliency – Kathleen Schulz and Dr. Mitchell Gold
Exploring Access and Integration Opportunities for Rural Practices and Communities – Mary Ford and Dr. Andrew Philip
Leveraging GIS Mapping for SDoH Interventions – Lisa Cyphers and Robert Dickie
Wellness RX – A Component of an Integrated Approach to Improving Local Access to Fresh Foods – Amanda Whisher and Elizabeth Terry

Speakers and Panelists

Eugene Heslin, MD
New York State DOH



James Button
Northwinds Integrated Health Network


Angela Doe
United Helpers



Mitchell Gold, PhD
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.



Robert Ross
St. Joseph’s Addiction Treatment & Recovery Center

Reid Anthony
Citizen Advocates



Andy Cruikshank
Fort Hudson Health System



Mary Ford
Primary Care Development Corporation


Mark Lukens
Behavioral Health Services North



Kathleen Schulz
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Linda Beers
Essex County Public Health



Lisa Cyphers
Adirondacks ACO



Kevin Gallagher, MD
Glens Falls Hospital



Andrew Philip, PhD
Primary Care Development Program



Elizabeth Terry
Essex County Health Department

Timothy Brooks, MD
Saratoga Hospital Medical Group



Robert Dickie
Adirondacks ACO



Sylvia Getman
Adirondack Health



Hope Plavin
Adirondack Health Institute



Amanda Whisher
UVMHN – Elizabethtown Community Hospital


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