Grocery Aisle Tips

Dairy Tips


Low-fat and fat-free milk provide just as much calcium as whole and 2% milk but have fewer calories. Look for low-fat or reduced-fat cheese.



Rice and pasta are low-cost grain options. Try to make half of your grain intake whole grains.



Choose lean meats such as chicken and turkey and make sure they are at least 93% lean. To save money, buy the value or family-sized pack and freeze what you don’t plan to use at that time. Eggs, beans, and peas are all great examples of protein-rich foods.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits & Vegetables

Try buying canned fruit in 100% fruit juice and canned vegetables with “no salt added”. Just as fresh but often costs less and lasts longer.

If you have freezer space, buy frozen vegetables without added sauces. Buying in-season produce is usually less expensive and has peak flavor.

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